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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I am a Jewish-American violist and cofounder of Salem/Shalom.

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My Story

A virtuoso violist, Celeste Meisel's journey with her instrument began at the tender age of seven. Her dedication led her to earn a Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in 2024, where, under the instruction of Dr. Catharine Lees, she honed her craft. Celeste's repertoire extends across symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, pit orchestras, and freelance projects. As a Jewish-American violist with a deep musical family history, Celeste understands her role in educating her communities about her heritage and sharing her passion for music. Thus, Celeste has transcribed and performed Jewish and Klezmer music for string ensembles in numerous concerts. With performances at prestigious festivals such as Brevard Music Festival and Rencontres Musicales des Graves, and her upcoming studies at the Royal Northern College of Music, Celeste embodies the spirit of cultural exploration and excellence.

"Growing up as the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, my Jewish identity — in a non-Jewish society — has been at the forefront of how I perceive and approach the world around me. Watching the ongoing atrocities in Israel and Palestine in the last nine months has been extremely heartbreaking and enraging, along with the increasing divide in Jewish communities across the US. Feeling paralyzed while seeing so many posts on social media, I found the best way for me to channel my energy to this cause was through my music. To me, Salem Shalom serves as a method to re-humanize Arabic people and culture, and educate my communities about the joy that these cultures bring to the table. Salem Shalom is a celebration of our diversity within our shared humanity; at the root of humankind, we have more similarities than differences."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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