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Multimedia (pre)Apprenticeship Program

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Pegasus  Multimedia (pre)Apprenticeship Program

A Certified Apprenticeship Program with the US Department of Labor, an Eligible Training Provider with the Texas Workforce Commission, facilitating the federally registered national apprenticeship programs in media arts and creative technologies.


Applications for the next cohort opens in August 2023

Pegasus Media Project (PMP), in partnership with the DFW-area media industry leaders and creative technologies companies and employers, has created the Pegasus Skills Training Program for Multimedia Jobs, a blueprint for impacting the future of underrepresented art workers in the film/media industries. The program offers personalized education with access to state-of-the-art equipment, professional development opportunities, and paid On-the-Job-Training (OJT) in media arts and creative technologies with special outreach to women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+.


Video/ Audio Production Boot-Camp

A workforce initiative centering on racial and gender justice that prepares and places potential apprentice artists to work and create in their area of artistic interest. Career-Aligned Curriculum in production, and creative technologies that supports the skill needs of employers in the media arts industry. Over 150 hours of classroom instruction and 90 hours of independent or fieldwork are required.
Accredited industry-standard credential as Media producers and Adobe Certified Associate. One-on-one mentorship with media professionals nurturing essential workplace skills and decorum while establishing valuable connections in the industry.

Classes are FREE for participants through an application process that is in line with the mission of PMP. Camera gear equipment, laptops, and software will be provided by the Pegasus Media Project for the duration of the program. 

Candidates will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of short-form video production from PMP’s expert instructors.


  • Camera gear equipment, laptops, and software will be provided by the Pegasus Media Project for the duration of the program

  • The three phases of production (pre-production, production, and post-production)

  • The fundamentals of cameras and cinematography (iris control, focus control, color balancing, shot composition and camera movement)

  • The fundamentals of audio, as well as types of microphones and editing audio

  • The fundamentals of lighting

  • How to conduct site surveys for videotaping locations

  • How to use camera angles, lighting, sound, music, and dialogue to convey messages and tell stories

  • How to cooperate and work as a team to complete projects

  • How to edit short videos and get Adobe Certified

  • The business of Freelance Media Production

  • And much more!


On-the-Job Training OJT

Candidates get paid  while working for local production companies, learning the necessary skills, and becoming Certified Pegasus A/V workers.  The training prepares individuals for well-paying jobs in the media industry with promising futures. This approach provides companies with pre-qualified workers free of charge, encouraging them to take on more PMP workers. Upon completing the OJT, the company is encouraged to offer a position to the PMP candidate and pay them accordingly.


Screening and Celebration

Wings of Pegasus: Screening Soiree: The event showcases the creative works of emerging artist apprentices. This is a ticketed event. The event is open to the public with a special invitation to community leaders, Texas media artists, employers, curators, and educators. May 28, 2023, at the Angelika Film Center, Mockingbird Station, Dallas TX.


Virtual Explorer Series 

Online interactions with the PMP community, panel discussions, networking events, and master classes in the art of filmmaking and the artist freelancer.


Dallas Creative Access

A community-based network of PMP fellows, local organizations, media professionals, and industry-related employers designed to connect artists for employment. In addition, PMP fellows have access to our workspace at the Dallas Central Library, computers, software, Adobe certification, and camera gear, for the duration of the 5-month program, after which equipment access will be available at a discounted rate.


Jobs you'll be preparing for:

  • Freelance multimedia content producer

  • Video (assistant) editor

  • DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)

  • Camera (assistant) operator 

  • Production Assistant



  • Complete the application

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED

  • Some prior media production experience as demonstrated in a portfolio submission.

  • Highly Motivated, Responsible, Life-long Learners, Resilient, Ability to work Independently, and Passionate about their future in the media arts.



  • Total of 36 hours of instruction, and 60 hours of independent or group work during the 6 weeks of boot camp



  • Dallas Public Library 1515 Young ST Dallas TX 75201 and various production companies and organizations in the DFW area.



  • Stipends will be determined based on available funded grants. 



Candidates must be

Highly motivated


Life-long learners


Able to work independently

Passionate about their future in the media arts

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