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Woman-Life-Freedom DFW  Exhibition

Woman, Life, Freedom (Zan, Zendegi, Azadi) is the slogan for the women-led uprising against the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose brutal and murderous actions against women are only a portion of their theocracy.

This programmed evening event will feature an innovative runway of performance art exploring the diverse perspectives at the dawn of a new era; poetry, spoken word, storytelling, screenings, performances, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other mixed-media artworks. 


The Woman-Life-Freedom-DFW exhibit is organized by the WLF-DFW Collective of curators, artists, and supporters of the cause seeking to recognize, amplify and expand the voices of the regional diaspora to this historic uprising in Iran.

Location: Irving Arts Center 3333 North MacArthur Blvd Irving, Texas 75062

Date: Saturday Jan 7th Opening with live performances - 5pm- 10pm

Exhibition: Jan 7th- Jan21st, 2023, 12pm- 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Second Exhibition:


Location: The Fort Worth Community Arts Center 1300 Gendy St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Date: Friday Feb 6th Opening with live performances - 5pm- 10pm

Exhibition: Feb 6th - Feb 25th, 2023

Installation: February 3rd -- 5th, 2023

#Woman-life-freedom-dfw  #zan-zendegi-azadi #mahsaamini #Woman-life-freedom


The Woman-Life-Freedom-DFW promotes awareness and expresses solidarity with Iranian women and all people fighting for civil rights in the face of authoritarian theocratic regimes that fuel violence, particularly against women.



As a local venue for amplifying and expanding the voices of those fighting for basic human rights and dignity, this event will bring together collective expression and witness this historical moment through the exhibition of art by the Iranian diaspora and other artists in support of the women-led uprising in Iran. Through sharing and connection, this event attempts to create an opportunity to hear people's voices, engage the community in healing, as well as preserve history. By expressing empathy, offering support, and demonstrating cathartic gestures, we aim to raise awareness of the dramatic challenges faced by those seeking freedom and autonomy under a dictatorship. We also take into consideration that, in a world threatened by the expansion of autocratic or theocratic authoritarian regimes, it is essential to promote an understanding of the value and significance of a democratic society. In addition, by demonstrating the fragility of democracy, we hope this event draws attention to the urgency of safeguarding such a hard-earned but easily lost privilege.

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