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Pegasus Media Project x Egg Drop Soup

Our Partnership

Pegasus Media Project is excited to partner with Egg Drop Soup, an SMU based feature film that is providing the next generation of filmmakers with a one-of-a-kind experience to be a part of creating a long-form film from the ground up. PMP champions this group's diverse cultural backgrounds and personal storytelling initiatives as part of our career pathways efforts for a more inclusive film landscape.

The Egg Drop Soup team is made up of creative individuals ranging from college freshmen through recent graduates. The crew is proudly made up of students with different levels of experience eager to delve deeper into the filmmaking process. 

Dallas, TX | Feature Film


"Egg Drop Soup” follows Jamie Chen, a Chinese mother of two, as she navigates the cultural differences among the generations of her small family. She finds that no matter how much her children rebel against her rigid expectations or her elderly father tries to enforce generational Chinese values, the family can never be separated - much like the key ingredients in a hot, steaming bowl of Egg Drop Soup. 

Directed by Yvonne Yang and written by Kevin Leong, “Egg Drop Soup” will enter principal photography in June 2024.

Help their efforts

The financing of this independent film comes entirely from grants, sponsorships, and crowdfunding! The “Egg Drop Soup” team would be grateful for your support as they embark on the journey towards the principal photography of the film. If you are willing to donate and help us bring this film to life, please use the Seed and Spark link below.

Meet The Team

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