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All+  Women Unite is supported in part by the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture.

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Exhibition Location: Dallas Tin District, 2506 Sylvan, Dallas, TX 75212. 

Event will be open-to-the-public!


All+ Women Unite: Womanhood knows no boundaries, and women worldwide are fearlessly fighting for their rights, finding inspiration in the seemingly boundless freedom and liberty enjoyed by their American counterparts. However, beneath the surface, a quiet and incremental erosion of women's rights is unfolding in America, subtly challenging the very essence of female freedoms.




Brady Wolchansky

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Syndrome

When an alluring bachelorette’s emotional transformation gains control so does her physical metamorphosis as well, unbeknownst to her suitors.

SMU | @bradywolchansky


Erica Felicella

My Body Is Stronger Than One

Since the conservative takeover of the supreme court women's and LGBTQIA+’s rights have been attacked and in some cases removed entirely. As a woman and a lesbian I have felt hopeless and weary of the battle that has to continue and and in some cases begin again. The reality is when women and women identifying folx come together we can stand and move through these unsure times together. Yes there is power in one and when that one becomes millions the message can be deafening to those who oppose it. We walk wearing the marks of this opposition but we are many. From the darkness there shall be light. | @felicella


Kirschen TeX Wolford

TeX and the Tripl3 Thr3tz

The concept of this performance is to create an experience that is heartfelt and long lasting through live instrumentation.

Web | @kirschenwolford


Shahrzad Hamzeh


Performing with Jason Purcell to the tune of Mehdi Yarahi's latest song, "Roosarito."

Resembling a mere piece of fabric, it might appear innocuous. Sometimes, it's worn by women as a stylish accessory. Yet, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the roosari holds significance beyond aesthetics – it embodies a force more potent than fashion. It stands as a representation of oppression, a weight so heavy that its removal could lead to imprisonment. Amidst this reality, I found myself yearning for the warmth of sunlight on my hair. But every such desire was met with the weight of mandated attire, a garment that symbolized all the restrictions imposed upon me as a woman. It silenced my unspoken protests, forced me to avert my gaze, and curtailed my very voice. In this context, girls were confined to silence, and forbidden from dancing, from experiencing love, and from expressing desires openly. However, in the face of these constrictions, I've chosen a different path. Defying the expectations that the piece of cloth embodies, I dance – an act of opposition, a rebellion against its oppressive implications. 

YouTube | @shahrzad_hamzeh


Tamitha Barbosa Curiel

Sick and (Lemon) Twisted 

This performance seeks to hold a mirror to the relentless hoops women have to navigate in their pursuit of healthcare, particularly when they are primary caregivers for others, and especially when they care for children with special needs. The artwork blends elements from the childhood toy Lemon Twist with paperwork, medical books, and pill bottles to depict the challenges faced by women within the failing healthcare system. The performance aims to shed light on the impact of these struggles on women’s health, especially artists, who often lack access to proper healthcare and face additional caregiving responsibilities that detrimentally affect their well-being.

@tejanacosmica | @sweet_t_menagerie


Taylor Alex Hayden

Ghost of the Lady of the Moon’s Heels

This spoken-word piece surfaces hardships of women's safety and objectification. 

Writer’s Garret | @tayloralexhayden




Carmen Menza

Star Spangled Banner, 2023

Millions of women and girls across the United States have suffered an alarming deterioration in access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, following the US Supreme Court decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion in June 2022. Our right to bodily and reproductive autonomy is deeply grounded in the U.S. Constitution and our decisions about childbearing are grounded in the federal constitutional rights of privacy and liberty. Now is not the time to be quiet. If we do not speak then who? 

Director of Film: Matthew Osbourne/19 Production House | @carmenmenzaart

Danielle Georgiou

The Waiting Room

"The Waiting Room," a short film, is a meditation on the body and the overall loss of bodily autonomy that women face. The threat is always present; a looming shadow. Five women strut through a liminal space, flaunting a synthetic silhouette of power. Each body negotiates a deal with the other, weight and pressure their only currency. | | @dgdgdancegroup | @iellageorgiou | @daniellegeorgiou 


Katrin Fallah

Presents two videos about two women during the 19th century who had very broad influence in society, and they are recognized as leaders of the women's movement in history. One in the west, and one in the East, and both emerged around the same year in 1848. 


Elizabeth Cady Stanton 

The video is inspired by the historical moment of performing the "Declaration of Sentiments'  by Cady Stanton in Senaca Falls convention in 1848. This is a reenactment and recall of this very first step toward women's rights in the US made by Cady Stanton and her colleagues in That convention. They started a movement that challenged institutions and practices at that time to gain women's rights. The Seneca falls occurred around the same year as the "Badasht" conference happened in1848, led by Tahirih, her counterpart in the East. 


Tahirih Qurratul-Ayn 

Tahirih" was the first woman who was unveiled in public, in a conference held in “Badasht”,1848 in Iran. She did this action as a symbol of rebellion to break the boundaries of traditions, in order to start the movement for women to gain their freedom and dignity. She was ultimately murdered. She said in her last words: “You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women.” This video is a recall on this action through symbolic performance, incorporating her poems, and her archived handwriting printed on fabrics. | 


Niloo Jalilvand

Sacred Chains

"Sacred Chains" delves into the universal theme of religious extremism as an insidious form of tyranny. Through abstract storytelling and evocative imagery, the film confronts the viewer with the dangers of blind faith, showing how extreme devotion can become a cage that not only entraps the believer but also those around them. Regardless of creed, this film unflinchingly portrays the psychological and societal toll of dogmatic beliefs, challenging us to consider the blurred lines between piety and oppression. | @nuv_u_

Gallery Artworks


Alisa Eykills



18” x 24”



nerves, ties, strings, myths are bonding and curtailing us in the name of...


Carmen Menza

Pretty Little Mouth, 2023

Acrylic, mixed media, neon, transformer

22” x 15.5” x 3.5”

price upon request | @carmenmenzaart

Millions of women and girls across the United States have suffered an alarming deterioration in access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, following the US Supreme Court decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion in June 2022. Our right to bodily and reproductive autonomy is deeply grounded in the U.S. Constitution and our decisions about childbearing are grounded in the federal constitutional rights of privacy and liberty. Now is not the time to be quiet. If we do not speak then who? 


Emily LaCour

Nursing on the Couch, 2020

Oil on panel

12" x 9"

1100 | @emevlac

In 2020, I asked friends to send me their “on the couch” photos to paint. The cropped mother nursing one child while the other curled up by her feet, surrounded by the maximalists patterns of the interior was a compelling reflection of those caring for children during this time. Emily LaCour is represented by Valley House Gallery and has a solo show opening September 30, 2023.


Erica Felicella


Archival Pigment Print on Archival Luster Photo Rag Paper

limited edition 1/10 

2800 | @felicella

We all live in two worlds, simultaneously: the one in our minds and the one facing the world. Which one is real, and which one is false? Or are they both truths that make a person whole? 

(In)Balance examines life as it pertains to internal and external worlds, revealing the duplicitous nature of mental illness and the public eye. 

Felicella examines the dichotomies of mental health to uncover what lies under the surface in one’s mind. For what we know to be true in this world typically has alternate realities, often left unobserved by the traditional gaze. Metaphor and visual cues are hints into the reality of one’s emotional state while facing the external world. As an individual who grapples with mental illness and as an advocate for mental health awareness, Felicella uses her work to interrogate these struggles. She achieves this by creating pieces that are accessible, granting insight into the psyche of the illnesses themselves in hopes to break down stigmas. 


Fari Rahimi


Wood, Steel Wire, Scissors

NFS | @farirahimi


What is concealed 

Must be exposed 

Let every strand unravel


Fari Rahimi

Don’t Leave

Steel Canvas, Wood

72" x 31" x 21"

Price upon request

Pale skin 

Pocket full of blood 

Arms Curled 

Eyes shout 

Reaching out through the back of his throat 

But no sound, no breath


Hands cupped around the pole 

His pulse is his pendulum

Gina Bender Kern


Acrylic on wood

27.5" x 48"

700 | @kernstudio

Painted in the depths of the Covid Pandemic where he loss of life and the loss of living a normal life was overwhelming. The pain I felt watching kids gracefully adapt to the strangest and scariest of times was agonizing. Being a mother and seeing the strength they held intensified the nurture in me beyond boundaries I knew existed, one part in wanting to protect them, and the other part learning from them as they somehow took the lead in living flexibly and able to find joy.


Gina Bender Kern

Safe and Sound

Acrylic and charcoal on wood

43" x 24"

700 | @kernstudio

Inside the walls of our quiet, sometimes unheard emotions, we are pure, we are safe. We can keep ourselves here with all of the approved past familarites, blanketed by the values of the inside world of us, and comfort ourselves in case no one else truly can.


Goran Maric

‘Ppl who define who I am today - Women Warriors. - gORAN ist Indira Gandhi’

ink pen drawing

17” x 14”


I asked what would happen, would I learn anything new if I envisioned myself as a person whose life have had important roles in my national identity upbringing while growing up in the country that is long gone now, former Yugoslavia. Stories created, proliferated and consumed as a dose of potion to instill in myself a sense of Yugoslavian and what those stories are, the people those stories talked about. All these ideas have been moving through my head as fast as movie reels would move inside a movie projector so to be projected upon walls, the movies difficult to comprehend exactness of their narratives.  

So, I decided to start doing drawings of well-known people whose lives influenced in direct and or indirect way who I am today.  'Ppl who define who I am today' is an ongoing project that addresses those questions. One part of that project goes to subgroup named, ‘Women Warriors.’

As I am doing these drawings, observing those faces, eyes, mouth, hair, I think what if I were it, the person and the deeds that person had done? Could I be it ever? It feels as if slowly new stories unravel as I am approaching to these people from a more sober grown man experience.

Doing so I want to give them respect as the markers of historical narratives I observed, loved, enjoyed or hated, regardless…  

Haley Ryan

Wife Reading Alhambra Book

Acrylic and oil on canvas

24" x 24"

2100 | @hayleeryan

This painting is a part of my series titled. “To Make A Memory.” It was shown alongside 5 other pieces painted from a collection of found vernacular photographs/slides of a husband and wife traveling around Europe in the 60s. These candid and highly authentic painted photographs were displayed in comparison with a set of glamorous images from an elegant house party documented in LOOK magazine 1964. 

The title “To Make a Memory” is a comment on the subtle differences between the curated or candid qualities of our memory making. This image of “Wife Reading Alhambra Book” was clearly taken by her amateur photographer husband in a moment of every day documentation: wife studying about a place she would soon travel to, slouched, hair a bit frazzled and a non-posed expression. I find this moment just as beautiful, if not more, than the perfectly-figured, tanned, posed, elegant internationals of the LOOK magazine spread. 

My work as always begged the question, “What is beautiful to us?” How and why do we remember our moments? What do we pay attention to? What do we forget, abstract, and what do we hold onto in careful detail? What do we curate to the point of inauthenticity? 


Jennifer Lewis


oil on canvas


Price upon request

“Directions” the choices we make for freedom.

Jennifer Lewis


oil on canvas

16” x 16”

Price upon request

Like emerging from the water, the earth. A new life refreshed.


Jennifer Wester

Becoming Permeable

Synthetic Fibers & Wool



As a woman, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is to be a tangible yet transient actor and space. I stretch but never can my fabric tear. I shift and mold to host and shelter, carry and contain, but my vessel is not for permanence, and not of storage… Success is resilience; not holding onto what I develop, what I nurture, what I create; the ability to let what needs me, pass through – changed for having experienced my form, and remaining my form, however too changed, nonetheless. My soft, textile vessels attempt to capture this: the comfort & scars of an un-container.


Kaysie Ellingson

A Rohingya Mother

pencil on paper

10" x 6"



In 2017 over 100,000 Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar following what was recounted as systemic rape, murder and arson. As the group poured into Bangladesh, a photo of a mother with her two children was snapped and featured prominently at the top of a news article published by NPR. According to the caption accompanying the photo, this woman lost several members of her family in the violence. The grief, horror and strength in her expression stayed with me for weeks until I decided to translate the image in my own way.


Kristin Colaneri

Manus minus Machina 'Women & Icon Series'

Mixed media, collaged photo, paper and paint framed

20” x 20”


Kristin Colaneri

In Praise of Women 'Women & Icon Series' 

Mixed media, collaged photo, paper and paint framed

20” x 20”

350 | @sisso25

A 12 part photo and collage series with women and female identifying artists/models/actors that creates space to play with icons and iconography, high glamour, art movements and iconic ideas. It seeks to share and amplify women’s voices and contemplations. Each piece will be shown as a triptych - subject in their natural state, then as the icon and finally collaged. The collaged work is meant to subvert the previous image in a way that asks the viewer to think further and possibly re-contextualize the ideas presented whether historically or current. The final piece is also meant to play with the eye in a hand vs. the machine sort of way. It looks like a possible AI generated graphic but is all woven by hand, therefore, it challenges the notion that we as humans will lose our creative ability to the machine.

Maryam Takalou

Beyond the Nets

Metal, Fabrics, Hair, Aluminum foil

Price upon request | @mary_takallou

Mari Hidalgo King


Steel, fabric

12’ x 5’ x 5’

3200 | @mari.h.king

This piece represents the abstract beauty of the female aura, power, soul and presence of a woman. The title, Y.O.M.P. stands for ‘your own marching pace’. There’s an assault on women’s rights throughout the world and this piece embodies the persistent march towards permanent women’s rights, liberation, autonomy and free-will. If we all unite for women’s rights, perhaps then, things can change. Made in collaboration with Joshua King.


Melissa James

Quechua Transcending

Mixed media on canvas

72" x 72"



The imagery is based on a small artifact from Machu Picchu, Peru. The Quechua people are the indigenous peoples of South America who speak the Quechua languages. The painting is based on my own magical experiences with the people and culture of Peru in 1988.


Niloo Jalilvand

Roar: Unveiling Global Feminism

Video, fabric & steel

12’ x 5’ x 5’

Price upon request | @nuv_u_

uses a 3-D sculpture clad in a veil as a canvas for projecting images of women protesting for their rights worldwide. The piece challenges traditional perceptions of femininity and invites viewers to engage in a dialogue about gender, culture, and activism.

Structure made in collaboration with Mari Hidalgo King & Joshua King


Ramak Baghaie

Women’s Liberation

Acrylic and Pastel

46" x 46"

300 | @Rmkgallery

Through this art painting, we experience friendship, love, beauty, and music with the pursuit of freedom. It invites us to explore diverse lifestyles, guiding us towards a brighter tomorrow.

Date: Saturday 9-2-2023 + Sunday 9-3-2023

Time: 7 PM- 10 PM

Location: Dallas Tin District, 2506 Sylvan, Dallas, TX 75212


Event is Open-To-The-Public and Free

woman life freedom.png

All+ Women Unite:
Echoing Voices, Amplifying Change.
From every corner of the world, voices rise in unison to share the vast and varied tapestry of womanhood. Despite differences, a shared pursuit for equality and justice binds us. Yet, even as progress is celebrated, we remain vigilant against the subtle erosion of hard-fought freedoms.

Through diverse mediums, this exhibit captures the strength, resilience, and dynamism of women's narratives and impacts. Crafted by artists of all genders, it is a testament to the collective journey toward understanding and advocacy.

“In unity, there is strength; in expression, power; in understanding, hope.”


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