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Xenia Matthews

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My name is Xenia and I'm an innovative film and visual artist. I make highly saturated hybrid films that stimulate the senses.

I create films as a way to understand my own personal experiences and the experiences of those around me. Black queer womanhood, and all that it encompasses - the joys, the struggles, the misunderstood - is a common topic of my work.

There’s so much I want to explore in my work in the future, including the fragmentation and commodification of feminine black bodies, the multiplicity of self, and what radical forms of love and support can look like within my community as we deal with misogynoir, transphobia, and issues of class.​

In the future, I see my films being part of living, breathing installations that inspire conversations and flip our concept of immersion on its head. Imagine watching a film inside of a flower or a womb, sculptural and performance elements moving all around you, making the film part of a physical experience.

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