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A guide to submitting to the Pegasus Film Festival

So you heard about the Pegasus Film Festival, and you don’t know where to start. What now? Well, this guide is here to tell you what steps you need to take to submit your film!

Although we’re approaching the late deadline, it’s never too late to submit. We are open to having submissions from filmmakers that are beginners to pros from any part of the world. Anyone can submit as long as you’re in high school or middle school to any genre they please. Heck, if you like multiple categories, then you can submit to multiple categories. There is no limit to how many you can submit, as long as you pay the submission fee. In case you need assistance with that fee, send us a message on

social media or email us for a waiver. Your talent and abilities shouldn’t be hidden, so we are more than happy to waive that fee! With all this info out of the way, let’s get started.

Head over to our FilmFreeway, a website that showcases multiple film festivals like ours, where you will submit your film. Search for the Pegasus Film Festival, where you can see more information about the festival, see reviews, view photos of past events, or stalk us if you really want to.

When you submit, you’ll be selecting the project type according to what you’re submitting. We are accepting screenwriting, music videos, films, short films, and a little bit of everything. Then, you’ll fill out more information about your projects, such as social media made for your project, the synopsis, and the title. Next, we want information about the person submitting, a.k.a. YOU! If you work solo, the third part of submitting might be really easy. The third part credits, who all worked on your film that we need to say awesome job too. You’ll just type out what they did and their names, pretty simple. We’re almost done filling out the submission, can you believe that? The fourth section is specifications, more specific details like genre, where the film was made, and other small details. There’s not much to this section as maybe not everything will apply to your submission. Lastly, if your project has gotten any awards, list them in the last section. In case they haven’t, they will soon (manifest) and you can leave this section empty.

Notifications on the status of your entry will be sent out on May 6, 2023. Throughout all of April, the PFF team will be curating the order of films and who gets selected. If you’re selected, we’ll be seeing you in May! If your project isn't chosen, we hope you’ll still come to the PFF event, and we hope to partner with you in the future. At the event, there will be photo stations, ice cream alongside other tasty food, colleges promoting why you should apply, scholarships from said schools, prizes, and so much more. Our festival is the largest for a reason. We have many opportunities for our filmmakers. You’ll get to meet others that love film, and most importantly, we will celebrate you! Making films, writing scripts, directing, and all the other jobs that go into making these projects are no joke. It takes a lot, so we dedicate all of May 27th-28th to you.

We hope this guide shows how easy it is to submit and how anyone can participate. So what are you waiting for? You have no time to lose. Submit today!

Blog Post By: Daisy Sanchez

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