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PMP Success Stories: Christan Bennett

The Pegasus Media Project (PMP) is proud of the work it does to support high school filmmakers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In addition to supporting high school students, PMP aids aspiring adults in attaining a post-secondary education in media and creative technologies. The skills acquired with the help of the Pegasus Media Project proved life-changing for Christan Bennett, a PMP Fellow. Being a PMP Fellow provided Bennett, who was an aspiring media artist, with weeks of coursework, including intensive classroom and hands-on learning.

“Before the program, I had no professional experience with videography, I was using my iPhone to make process videos of building/fabrication projects…but now I have an entirely new skill set and access to equipment that has opened doors professionally and in my own creative process,” said Bennett.

The education provided by PMP is individualized and career-aligned, so that aspiring multi-media artists can be equipped with the skills needed to succeed in any media or creative job. However, it's not just skills that are necessary for success. Access is essential to success as well. After working with PMP, Bennett accessed a personal computer, a camera, and more equipment that enabled her to build her portfolio.

With partners like KERA and AMS Pictures, PMP prepares multi-media artists to enter the workforce by not only providing them with jobs, but also with networking skills and connections with industry professionals. Today, Bennett is a videographer for the Dallas Culture Club and a full-time researcher for AMS pictures.

PMP apprentices and Fellows leave with skills, access, and the desire to be lifelong learners. This is especially true for Bennett, who continues to strengthen her camera skills and is currently teaching herself to 3-D print drones so that she can get her aerial videography license.

When asked about her advice to young artists like herself, Bennett said, “My advice to any young person is to be your own biggest advocate, be relentless, and show up with authenticity.”

Written by Kendall Ricks

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